Fearless Lakshmi

When life throws the biggest of challenges, what do you do? You face them and you beat them!!!⠀ Meet Lakshminarayana Varimadugu, fondly addressed as Lakshmi by all of us is a Master’s student studying political science at the University of Hyderabad. He hails from the Anantapur district in Hyderabad.⠀ Lakshmi was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes […]

Winter Camp 2019

Diabetes India Youth in Action (DIYA) continues to empower Type-1 diabetic through its annual winter camp at Manger, Haryana. Manger, Haryana, December 28, 2019: In its endeavor to continue its mission of educating people with Type-1 diabetes, Diabetes India Youth in Action (DIYA) organized a two-day camp for 120 people at Camp Wild Dhauj at […]

A diagnosis – No pain, No gain!

“In those tests, my fasting glucose came out to be extremely high and I was confident that there was some error in my report”   It all started in February, when I got the result of the CFA examination – I was delighted seeing how I had fared. After getting the results, I decided to […]

Things Women must know About Diabetes & Menstrual cycle

Women living with diabetes often complain of high blood sugars during different phases of their menstrual cycle. A survey conducted way back in 1996 reported that more than 1/3rd women with type 1 diabetes make premenstrual adjustments in their insulin dosages. Personally I face many challenges and exacerbations in my blood sugars weeks before my […]

Travel With Type 1

Imagine your room with a traveling bag open, clothes scattered waiting for your selection and you asking yourself whether you should keep an extra pair of shorts or jeans. I guess that’s what a packing scenario usually looks like before a trip for regular people. However, for a type 1 diabetic things are actually quite […]

A T1D mother with an indomitable spirit!

On the surface, Divya looks like a typical mother of two beautiful , happy, working 24X7 raising kids and working as a financial analyst. As you carve down further into the family they have their own stories of struggle. Divya was trying to make peace with the diagnosis of vitiligo & hypothyroidism after her marriage. However […]


All of us face challenges, but how many of us are able to turn those challenges into strengths by overcoming the obstacles. Ajunideep’s road to high school was an exceptionally difficult one. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the tender age of 7. She struggled due to either excessively high or low blood […]

The Silver Diaversary of Captain Diabetes!

Twenty five years with Type 1 diabetes. Wow! This feels like a big milestone that I wasn’t sure I would celebrate. Twenty years ago, I rebelled against this disease. Fifteen years ago I feared how to live the rest of the life with it. Ten years ago, I for sure would have thrown a tantrum […]

JUNIORUN , Oct 2017

JUNIORUN  New Delhi October 2017- multi city running event exclusively designed for children of all age groups to raise awareness and promote fitness. It’s a sincere effort to bring lifestyle changes in the routine of today’s technology driven children.   JUNIORUN  New Delhi October 2017- multi city running event exclusively designed for children of all […]