Community Manager/ Co-founder

Dr. Apoorva Gomber

Secretary at DIYA, Apoorva is our star doctor, with too many feathers in her hat. Being immensely passionate about Diabetes Research and Diagnostics, she’s currently the South East Asia Regional representative of Young Leaders in Diabetes at International Diabetes Federation (IDF). She’s also a global patient advocate and has collaborated in various initiatives by global organisations like Beyond Type1, League of DiAdvocates, T1 International, and NCD Child. A certified Diabetes Educator and Pump Trainer, Apoorva Gumber is mostly seen advocating for Type-1 diabetes and strongly believes in the power of community.



Diagnosed way back in 1977, at a time when there were no disposable syringes or blood testing devices, Manjeet Kaur Bhatia claims she never had too many hypos during her early years. Other than being the core team member at DIYA, she also serves at the Ministry of Culture, Government of India as a Class I Officer. Leading a healthy lifestyle, over the years, she’s mastered the “art” of suppressing the evil temptation for unhealthy fast food. Manjeet has two sons, 33 and 31 years old.



Sahil Madan, the fitness freak and core team member at DIYA, has been insulin-dependent since 2011. An electronics engineer by profession, he has made sure his condition does not stop him from achieving his fitness goals. From being a frail boy weighing 42 kgs at the time of his diagnosis to weightlifting, powerlifting, and Crossfit, Sahil has turned his passion for fitness into his venture called “Half Dead: Fitness Training”.


Harsh Kohli

For Harsh Kohli, a Type1 diabetic for 27 years, life came to a standstill when his son Aarush was also diagnosed in 2016. This created a need to connect with a diabetic community, which gave him a purpose to help people manage their blood sugars. Professionally an engineer and now working in the field of insurance, Harsh strives each day to empower diabetics to lead a normal, healthy life. President at DIYA, he is seen counselling people and working passionately towards the advocacy and awareness for Type1 Diabetes.


Nehu Gumber

26 , CEO , T1D for 15 years . She is dedicated to spreading awareness about Type 1 Diabetes through social media.


Abhimanyu kharbanda

Abhimanyu is father to a T1D boy who was diagnosed at the age of 3
He is passionate about advocating and eliminating myths surrounding diabetes. His keen area of interest is carbohydrate counting and has counselled many individuals about importance of diet and carb counting for overall diabetes management


Jyotsana Rangeen

Jyotsana has been living with Type 1 diabetes for the last two years. She works as an HR professional in a leading MNC and is a professional freelance dancer and choreographer.

She is actively involved as a core team member at DIYA and manages social media and communications for the community. When she’s not diving into all things marketing and social media, Jyotsana spends her free time dancing, playing basketball, and making a delicious mess in her kitchen.


Kartik Gera

Kartik Gera is a graphic designer by profession, Type-1 diabetic by the pancreas, and a movie buff by passion. Working through his “highs” & “lows”, he designs children’s books and jackets for a leading non-reference British publisher, Penguin Random House. On free days, you’ll see him catching his favourite cup of third-wave coffee or strolling into a film festival. Core team member at DIYA, he’s often seen involved in a plethora of activities to engage, empower, and bring about a change for anyone who’s struggling to manage their blood glucose levels.


Devaank Singh

Having been living with Type-1 diabetes for more than 25 years, Devaank’s mantra is “Irrespective of fact whatever happens just remember that there is always a choice. For the night is darkest before the dawn”. Always curious, this core team member loves to read and travel to expand his horizons. Devaank also finds his passion for photography, films, and stories. He counsels, shares, and advocates about his experiences with the condition as he understands what it is to go through discrimination and bullying because of Type-1 diabetes.