Apoorva is a Doctor and is presently pursuing her Post graduation in Pathology from Delhi .

She has been actively involved in Advocacy with T1 International (UK) & Global Ambassador council at Beyond Type1(USA).

She is IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes -South East Asian Region (2017-20)

“I wish to actively support organisations by collecting better data, sharing personal experiences and by campaigning to make life less troublesome for people with type 1 diabetes all over the world”

Dr. Apoorva

Varun Bhandari

Varun is Management consultant working with Big 4 audit & consulting firm in Gurgaon.

He is primarily involved in patient engagement and community development and works in the strategist capacity with a vision for better life and support for Diabetics in India.

He is a type 1 diabetic from last 19 years he is an avid motorcyclist and have been part of long- haul motorcycling rides to different places in India.

“I want to let all diabetics know that there is more to life and don’t restrain yourself by set of limiting beliefs put across by society”

Sahil is an Electronic engineer working with Siemens Healthcare for imaging Modalities

He is working on Special training programmes for “Type 1 Diabetes and Fitness ” and planning to get certification for the same .

He has also been involved with Beyond Type 1 organisation through social media platform.

“In all these years, I realized that its important to give your best and do what your heart says, not to get disheartened if you fail or can’t control things.”


Manjeet Kaur Bhatia

Manjeet Kaur Bhatia, is a Class 1 Officer at Sahitya Akademi, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India office.

She has written >2000 articles & 30 short stories for leading newspapers & magazines. She has participated in talks on radio. Have translated >25 books and one collection of her own stories.

“Living with Diabetes for 40 years is not difficult, I believe that Diabetes is not a disease, it is just a change of life style. ”

Harsh , is a Mechanical Engineer and was diagnosed when he was 11 years .

In December 2016 , his son was also diagnosed with T1DM which encouraged to be associated with other passionate T1Ds and starting up REVORD

“ I want to empower diabetics and make them feel better at managing their lifestyle for a productive journey ahead.”


Nehu Gumber

Nehu Gumber

26 , CEO , T1D for 15 years . She is dedicated to spreading awareness about Type 1 Diabetes through social media.


“I want to use my professional and personal life in a best possible manner to make changes and spread awareness in the life of T1D’s”

Abhimanyu is father to a T1D boy who was diagnosed at the age of 3
He is passionate about advocating and eliminating myths surrounding diabetes. His keen area of interest is carbohydrate counting and has counselled many individuals about importance of diet and carb counting for overall diabetes management

“ Diabetes is not challenging if managed well and wellness lies in focusing on your diet, exercise and stress management”

Abhimanyu Kharbanda

Jyotsana Rangeen

Jyotsana has been living with Type 1 diabetes for the last two years. She works as an HR professional in a leading MNC and is a professional freelance dancer and choreographer.

She is actively involved as a core team member of DIYA and manages Social media and communications for the Organization.

When she’s not diving into all things marketing and social media , Jyotsana spends her free time dancing, playing basketball and making a delicious mess in her kitchen.


“I am determined to educate and create awareness about Type 1 diabetes in order to dispel myths and misconceptions associated with diabetes in India, so that the people living with this condition can manage their lives and never be afraid to pursue a more meaningful life.”

Kartik has been living with Type 1 Diabetes since last 5 years he is graphic designer & art consultant by profession. In his free time he loves reading books and spending time in coffee shops

“T1D helped me to be comfortable with the ‘highs and lows’ of my life and now I am leading a much healthier lifestyle.”

Kartik Gera

Devaank Singh

Devaank Singh

Devaank is presently a student and he was working for a engineering firm in Gurgaon.
An avid traveller, history enthusiast, a movie buff and someone who likes to explore different cultures.
He is involved with patient’s awareness and diabetes awareness in society and is working for bridging the gap between myths and facts surrounding diabetes.
Being a type 1 for more than 20+ years hasn’t stopped him from living life to the fullest.


“Diabetes controlled is no diabetes. It’s a part of life and the contrary it teaches you to manage life in an organised manner.”