• Apoorva is a Doctor and is presently pursuing her Postgraduation in Pathology from Delhi .

• She has been actively involved in Advocacy with T1 International (UK) & Global Ambassador council at Beyond Type1(USA).

• She is IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes -South East Asian Region (2017-20)

“I wish to actively support organisations by collecting better data, sharing personal experiences and by campaigning to make life less troublesome for people with type 1 diabetes all over the world”

• Sahil is an Electronic engineer working with Siemens Healthcare for imaging Modalities

• He is working on Special training programmes for “Type 1 Diabetes and Fitness ” and planning to get certification for the same .

• He has also been involved with Beyond Type 1 organisation through social media platform.

"In all these years, I realized that its important to give your best and do what your heart says, not to get disheartened if you fail or can't control things."

• Manjeet Kaur Bhatia, is a Class 1 Officer at Sahitya Akademi, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India office.

• She has written >2000 articles & 30 short stories for leading newspapers & magazines. She has participated in talks on radio. Have translated >25 books and one collection of her own stories.

“Living with Diabetes for 40 years is not difficult, I believe that Diabetes is not a disease, it is just a change of life style. ”

• Harsh , is a Mechanical Engineer and was diagnosed when he was 11 years .

• In December 2016 , his son was also diagnosed with T1DM which encouraged to be associated with other passionate T1Ds and starting up REVORD

“ I want to empower diabetics and make them feel better at managing their lifestyle for a productive journey ahead”.

• Nehu Gumber

• 26 , CEO , T1D for 15 years . She is dedicated to spreading awareness about Type 1 Diabetes through social media.

“I want to use my professional and personal life in a best possible manner to make changes and spread awareness in the life of T1D’s”