A T1D mother with an indomitable spirit!

On the surface, Divya looks like a typical mother of two beautiful , happy, working 24X7 raising kids and working as a financial analyst. As you carve down further into the family they have their own stories of struggle. Divya was trying to make peace with the diagnosis of vitiligo & hypothyroidism after her marriage. However […]


All of us face challenges, but how many of us are able to turn those challenges into strengths by overcoming the obstacles. Ajunideep’s road to high school was an exceptionally difficult one. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the tender age of 7. She struggled due to either excessively high or low blood […]

The Silver Diaversary of Captain Diabetes!

Twenty five years with Type 1 diabetes. Wow! This feels like a big milestone that I wasn’t sure I would celebrate. Twenty years ago, I rebelled against this disease. Fifteen years ago I feared how to live the rest of the life with it. Ten years ago, I for sure would have thrown a tantrum […]