Fearless Lakshmi

When life throws the biggest of challenges, what do you do? You face them and you beat them!!!⠀

Meet Lakshminarayana Varimadugu, fondly addressed as Lakshmi by all of us is a Master’s student studying political science at the University of Hyderabad. He hails from the Anantapur district in Hyderabad.⠀

Lakshmi was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes when he was 12 years old and his blood glucose levels at the time of his diagnoses were 646 mg/dl. He’s visually challenged by birth. Because life will prevail against all odds, Lakshmi is independent when it comes to mobility and daily living skills. ⠀

DIYA dedicates the hashtag #FearlessLakshmi to our very Type1 hero. Lakshmi is also a certified computer trainer and has trained the trainers at Enable India, an NGO working for empowerment of people with disabilities in Bengaluru.⠀

We recently met him at the DIYA winter camp in December 2019 and have been awed by his resilience. Everyone who met him was inspired. He uses the “Prodigy Voice” glucometer so he doesn’t have to be dependent on anyone for reading out his blood glucose levels for him. He says “Paying it forward” is the only way people can contribute in this world. ⠀

Keep supporting each other, there’s so much resilience we learn from Lakshmi.

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